In addition to refinishing we offer a variety of other products & services that can augment any cabinet makeover. These include:

  • Replacement doors
  • Custom end panels
  • Cabinet alterations
  • Crown moulding
  • Above counter valances for concealed lighting
  • Built in fridge enclosure
  • Hardware upgrades (handles, sliding shelves, lazy Susan etc)
  • Replacement of hinges & drawer slides
  • Granite, stone, quartz, marble counter tops and vanity tops

Darker Refinishing

One of the services we offer is the option of changing your kitchen cabinets to a darker finish. For example if you currently have ‘Golden Oak’ we can change it to a variety of darker custom colours the possibilities are endless.

Total Colour Change

This is our most popular service.

The process of cleaning and preparation is the same, but in this case we totally change the colour of your kitchen. Because Water Bourne Lacquers accept standard colour tint in today’s computerised world, your choice of colour can be matched from thousands available.

Got Thermofoil doors that are peeling & cracking? We can fix that.

Our process involves a heat cycle which softens the Thermofoil so it can be removed from the panel. From there we simply refinish the panel with the colour of your choice.

Drop Off and Collect Service

If you’re handy with a roller and a brush.

Here’s how it works:
You remove your doors, drawer fronts and any other removable panels, and drop them off to our facility.

We then clean , sand, spray on the primer/bonding coat followed by the top coat in the colour of your choice.
We supply you with the top coat. The CORRECT brush, CORRECT roller and technical know-how to refinish your cabinet boxes.

We serve with kitchen cabinet services to Barrie and Southern Ontario including Innisfil, Newmarket, Bolton, Vaughan and Bradford.

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